October 29th, 2020
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August 22nd, 2011
আমাদের জাতীয় সংসদ ভবন। স্থাপত্যের ভাষায় যাকে বলা হয় ‘মাস্টার পিস’—বিশ্বের সেরা কয়েকটি স্থাপত্যের একটি। এটি আমদের গর্ব। আমাদের অহংকার ধারণ করে দাঁড়িয়ে আছে মাথা উঁচু করে। আর এই বিশ্বসেরা স্থাপত্য যাঁর হাত ধরে সৃষ্টি, তিনি হলেন বিশ্বখ্যাত স্থপতি লুইস আই কান বা লুই আই কান। লুই কানের জন্ম ১৯০১ সালের ২০ ফেব্রুয়ারি তৎকালীন রাশিয়ার এস্তোনিয়ায়।
April 24th, 2011
Perfume is made up of alcohol, water & perfume (fragrance) oil. It is a word that comes from Latin per fumum, which means "through smoke" (per means through, fumum means smoke).
April 24th, 2011
Asia is the largest continent by landmass. The land area of Asia is actually larger than the land area of the moon.
Number of churches and mosques in New York City
August 20th, 2010
New York City is the most linguistically and religiously diverse city in the world. The 8.4 million inhabitants communicate in some 800 different languages across the five boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. New York is also a religious city: 83% of New Yorkers are affiliated to some organized religion....
Printing errors in the Bible
August 20th, 2010
In a 1631 edition of the King James Bible – in Exodus 20 verse 14 – the word “not” was left out. This changed the 7th commandment to read – “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Most of the copies were recalled immediately and destroyed on the orders of Charles I. But there are 11 copies still.....
Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral
August 20th, 2010
One of the greatest achievements of Edward the Confessor, who ruled England from 1042 to 1066, was the construction of Westminster Abbey. Born the son of King Ethelred the Unready and Emmaat at Islip in Oxfordshire, Edward was driven from England by the Danes and spent his exile in Normandy. The story goes that Edward...
Decoding the Da Vinci Code
August 20th, 2010
Dan Brown’s 2003 historical novel The Da Vinci Code provided some food for thought… or was it just gooyie gum with an odd taste? Take a bite! Long before Dan Brown put pen to paper the concept of Jesus having been (happily) married and “moving on” (to southern France – in Brown’s scenarios) much was....
Religious images and symbols
August 20th, 2010
THE PSYCHOLOGY AND HISTORY OF RELIGIONS: Symbolism of the “Center” Many laymen envy the vocation of the historian of religions. What nobler or more rewarding occupation could there be than to frequent the great mystics of all the religions, to live among symbols and mysteries, to read and understand the myths of all the nations?....
August 16th, 2010
Caligula of Rome had his father, mother and two brothers killed to become emperor. Nero had his mother and first wife killed. These two emperors were hated so much by the people that all references to them were deleted from official Roman documentation.......
World’s highest bridge
June 17th, 2010
The highest bridge in the world can be found in the Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan...