May 25th, 2019
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Dhaka's case is not a hopeless one
September 20th, 20102,636 views

Actions, and decisive ones, to regenerate Dhaka are long overdue. Yet then, the launching of some immediate corrective actions might make it still possible to stop the city from heading towards the brink and start a process of its renewal or revival. This is possible provided there is enough political or governmental resolve and vision to work towards this end.

According to pessimists, conditions in Dhaka city are not right for a reversal. However, this view is not tenable. Wherever and whenever the problems of the city were sought to be addressed with real determination, the same yielded positive results in varying degrees. Hence, there is no reason to feel defeated and dejected from a feeling that Dhaka's cannot be resolved.

Other Asian cities, including Bangkok, have faced similar great difficulties in areas ranging from managing traffic movement to stopping the proliferation of slums. But planned actions taken by governmental authorities in those countries led, first, to putting a brake on the process of decline followed by a gradual process of regeneration.

Dhaka needs to work its way out to such a state with planned and uncompromising actions over a period of time.

Shabbir Karim

Dhanmondi RA,