February 22nd, 2019
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Grooming Gifts for Men
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Grooming Gifts for Men 



Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life is not always an easy task. In fact, once the closet is filled with unworn ties and the shelves in the garage have no more room left for scale model cars, the only choice left is to select something practical. Thankfully, there are a number of personal grooming devices that your man is certain to love.

    Electric Razor

  1. The electric razor has evolved tremendously since the model your father used. Today's modern electric razors provide men with tons of options to match their distinct needs with devices designed for a clean, smooth and comfortable shaves. Razors can be purchased that cut the hair with rotating blades or that vibrate behind super-thin heads. You can choose a razor with a rechargeable battery or one that plugs into a wall outlet in any country around the globe. You can even get one that he can use in the car one day and carry into the shower the next. Regardless how the man in your life shaves, you can almost certainly find an electric razor that suits his morning routine.


    Body Groomer

  3. Whether it is referred to as manscaping or body grooming, modern men are taking it upon themselves to trim and shave the hair found below their necks. A number of manufacturers sell razors specifically designed for these areas. Body groomers are designed to shave the thicker, tougher hair without pulling or inflaming the sensitive skin. The well-designed razors are cordless and waterproof, so men can use them in the shower, and many are designed with longer handles to reach hard-to-get areas more easily.


    Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

  5. Nothing is more unsightly than ear and nose hair on a man. Thankfully, the grooming industry has responded with inexpensive trimmers that are uniquely designed to get rid of these scandalous hairs. The trimmers include round blades that safely remove the hair without fear of nicks or razor burn. Most trimmers are battery powered, making them easy to use, wherever they are needed.


    Skull Razor

  7. When a man starts losing his hair, there comes a time when haircuts and comb-overs can't hide the situation. Faced with the choice, many men decide to start shaving their head. Traditional razors and clippers are cumbersome and often pull the hair, making the procedure painful. A number of manufacturers have developed special scalp razors that fit easily into the palm of the hand. The blades are slightly curved to match the contour of the head, allowing for a smooth, painless shave.