February 22nd, 2019
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How to Care For Your Skins As a Guy
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How to Care For Your Skins As a Guy 


Skin Care for Men

A men should care about there face and how it looks just as much as women do. It can make a bid difference and women do notice. To have good skin you need to watch what is in your diet, have good personal hygiene and get good genetics (we can not fix the last one so this article will focus on the first two.






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  • You should always eat green foods like broccoli, spinach, take vitamins. The vitamins that promote healthy skin and hair are vitamin C, B, A, D and K.


  • Always wash your face at a minimum of two times a day. You should wash it with warm water, use a good face soup and finish with cold water so it closes your pores back up.


  • Try to exercise a couple times every week. This will keep you as well as your skin looking and feeling great.


  • Keep your hands away from your face. Avoid from popping any pimples or rubbing your face two much.


  • If you have any acne on your face, get a good acne cream or speak to your doctor about getting a medication.