February 22nd, 2019
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Islamic Clothing
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How to Buy Hijabs Abaya Islamic Clothing Internationally

By Sarah Rogers,


Islamic ClothingWith the advent of the Internet and online shopping as well as businesses that cater to the large Muslim diaspora, it is easy for Muslim women living around the world to purchase Islamic clothing that is right for their lifestyle and sense of style. Options include modern modest clothing, abayas, hijabs, and niqabs. Modern modest clothing follows contemporary clothing styles but provides adequate coverage for Muslim women. An abaya is a loose robe-like gown. A hijab is a head scarf that covers the hair and the neck. A niquab is another loose, robe-like gown. but it covers most of the face as well.



Local Stores

In non-Muslim countries but in cities where there is a significant Muslim community, you can often find local stores that specialize in clothes for Muslim women. The clothing may be produced in that country or imported from a Muslim country.


Regional Online Boutiques

Many online stores sell to the Muslim diaspora or converts to Islam in non-Muslim countries. As an example, the The Canadian Muslim focuses on Islamic clothing sales to Canada and the United States.


International Online Boutiques

A number of online stores do not have a regional emphasis, but instead seek to provide Islamic and modest clothing to Muslim women around the world.